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Evangelist Monty Martin
220 Adams Dr. Ste. 280 #423
Weatherford, TX 76086

Monty Martin:

Leddie Martin:


Meet The Martins

Bro. Monty Martin
I was saved as a bus kid when I was twelve years old. I attended South Side Baptist Church in Weatherford, Texas. By the age of seventeen, I was leading congregational singing at Parker County Fundamental Baptist Church where my dad, Max Martin was pastor. The Lord called me to preach at seventeen years old and I have been faithful to the call ever since that day. I have two sisters and two brothers and they and their families serve in their church as teachers, musicians and wonderful laypeople.

Leddie Martin
I met my knight in shining armor (Monty) when I was in junior high school. For a year, I thought I was going to heaven because my friends (especially my "boyfriend" Monty) were saved and going there. A year later, I realized I was not saved and I could not get to heaven hanging onto Monty's coattail. I attended a revival meeting at South Side Baptist Church, realized I was not headed to heaven. I knew I needed a personal relationship with Christ and at 15 years old I walked the aisle, asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins, and to come into my heart.

On January 22, 1971, I married my junior high sweetheart at South Side Baptist Church in Weatherford, Texas. We are very blessed with three awesome daughters, three amazing sons-in-law and six precious grandkids that serve the Lord very faithfully.

Monty is staff evangelist of Victory Baptist Church in Weatherford, Texas where Dr. Charles Wetherbee is pastor.

Monty's Birthday: 12/02/1952
Leddie' Birthday: 12/19/1953

Our Anniversary: 01/22/1971

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